Student Counselling

The Student Counselling Committee was devoted to helping students adapt to physical, psychological and social changes during puberty and undertake a whole-person development.


Programmes organized:

Ø  F.1 orientation day,

Ø  “Joyful Stars” peer counseling programme for F.1 students

Ø  Basic Life Skills Training programmes organized by the Student Health Service for F.1 students

Ø  The Dream Train for a F.1 students

Ø  The program, Think Positive, Act Positive for F.3 students

Ø  Core school in the HKU QTN project

Ø  Two adventure-based day camps for F.2 and F.3 students

Ø  Talks and workshops were launched for F.4-6 students and parents about the mental health and stress management.

Ø  Star of the Month programme

Ø  Campus visit to the HKU for F.3 students

Ø  F.6 Farewell Assembly

Ø  Inclusive Education:

        Class teachers and counseling teachers catered for students’ special educational needs through school-based speech therapy services, social skills training and after-school tutorial classes as well as adventure training for inclusive education.