School Rules

  1. Students’ conduct and language should be based on the principle of upholding the good of their schoolmates and the school, as well as the reputation of the Holapians.
  2. Students should respect the Principal, teachers, the non-teaching staff and fellow students.
  3. Students should keep the school premises clean and help maintain school facilities in good working conditions.
  4. Leave of absence from school can only be granted when reasonable cause is given. Students should be punctual and pay full attention in class and during assemblies.
  5. Students should be honest.
  6. Students should be well mannered.
  7. Students should wear proper uniform and hairstyle.
  8. Students should abide by and help enforce the school rules.

General Rules

I.      Attire 

  1. Badges other than house badges, bracelets, rings, earrings and other ornaments are not allowed at school.
  2. Short hair is recommended. No flamboyant hairstyle is allowed. Girls keeping long hair beyond their shoulders must tie it up with hair bands. Hair bands or hair clips should be plain black. Boys’ hair should be kept trimmed above their ears, eyebrows and shirt collars. Boys are not allowed to have their hair permed.
  3. Students should not dye their hair, or apply sculpting fluid, gel or mousse on their hair.

II.    Personal Belongings

  1. Students should not bring any card games and / or any forms of electronic games to school.
  2. Students should not wear / bring expensive ornaments, watches or other valuables to school.
  3. Students are advised to leave their mobile phones at home.  If a mobile phone is brought to school, it must be switched off at all times. Students must keep it safe and must not take it out. If it beeps and / or vibrates, or if students are found using it, teachers or prefects may confiscate it.
  4. Students should not leave any books or other personal belongings in their desk drawers after school.

III.   Lost and Found Items

  1. All lost items found should be handed over to the General Office.
  2. Students should report items lost to a teacher or the General Office immediately. The school is not liable for retrieving the lost items.
  3. An application for a replacement card is compulsory if students lose their smart cards. They should fill in a form “Replacement of Student Smart Card” and submit the completed form and fee to the General Office.

IV.   Sick leave


If a student is sick, the parent/guardian should inform the school office before 8:45a.m., and a letter or a note in the student handbook explaining the absence should be submitted to the form teacher on the student’s return. A medical certificate should be attached for sick leave of two or more days.

V.    Late attendance / early leave from school

  1. Students entering the school after 8:05 a.m. and / or 1:55 p.m. will be recorded as late.
  2. Before 8:20 a.m., late-comers must report to the teachers on-duty at the main entrance and sign the late-comers’ book.
  3. After 8:20 a.m., late-comers must report to the school office to obtain a permit to enter the classroom.
  4. If a student needs to apply for early leave, his/her parent/guardian must notify the form teacher in advance through the student handbook. He/She also has to visit the school office for relevant procedures before leaving the campus. Unauthorized leave will be counted as truancy.