Language across the curriculum

 Ho Lap College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) 
Implementation of Language-Across-the-Curriculum (LAC) Approach (S1-S3) 


Language-across-the-Curriculum (LAC) is an approach that integrates language learning with subject content learning. Language and content are closely interrelated. In fact, content subjects provide a context for language while effective language development facilitates the learning of content subjects. It is therefore necessary to integrate language and content. 


  • to build up students’ confidence in the use of English in content subjects learning 
  • to integrate content and language teaching by planning for the teaching content and language at the same time using content objective and language objectives 


  • Curriculum Mapping 
    Horizontal and vertical curriculum mapping is conducted for S1-S3. Language structure and corresponding language forms are clearly identified. Whole-school approach is adopted. 
  • Teaching strategies 
    A wide range of teaching strategies that facilitate students’ learning skills are adopted. Examples:
    • Graphic organizers 
    • Sentence making table 
    • Sentence patterns 
    • Writing frames 
    • Parallel writing task 
    • Subject-based glossary 
    • Bridging materials 
    • Assessments for learning 
  • Cross-curriculum LAC activities 
    Cross-curriculum LAC activities are organized to arouse students’ interest in learning so that they are more motivated to learn content subjects using English. An English-rich environment is created.
  • Reading across the curriculum (RaC) Approach
    Students’ motivation and confidence in English Language learning is enhanced through the integration of RaC Approach into our school-based curriculum of all EMI subjects. Students’ reading skills are developed and strengthened and they are engaged in appreciating the value of cross-curricular reading, which broaden their knowledge and wider their reading horizons.