Youth Omakase Community Programme Introduction Day

Students have participated Youth Omakase Community Programme Introduction day with various activities related to environmental sustainability.

One of the highlights was attending a Keynote Speech titled “Get to know the Global Environmental Focus in 5 minutes: Embrace sustainability as an opportunity for innovation and set sail for our planet.” This speech provided insights into the importance of sustainability and how it can drive innovation.

Following the Keynote Speech, the students took part in a Panel Discussion titled “How do green technology and environmental business innovation help sustainability thrive?” The panel was hosted by founders of companies that have been actively working on environmental issues for years. The discussion allowed the students to gain valuable perspectives on the role of technology and business in promoting sustainability.

After the Keynote Speech and Panel Discussion, the students engaged in Group Activities: “Ecology & Sustainable Development –Applying artificial intelligence to artistic imagination and practice for environmental sustainability”. They explored the application of artificial intelligence to artistic imagination and practice for environmental sustainability. Using AI, they generated images highlighting environmental problems that require attention and action. The students had the opportunity to present their work not only to their fellow students but also to students from other schools and the founders of the companies involved in the program.

Overall, these activities provided the students with a comprehensive understanding of environmental challenges, the importance of sustainability, and the role of technology in addressing these issues. It also fostered collaboration and knowledge-sharing among peers and industry experts.