Regulations for Tests / Examinations

  1. The examination centres may either be the school hall, classrooms or special rooms. Students should take note of the location of the examination centres and their seats before the test/examination. They should also read the test/examination timetable carefully.
  2. Students should enter the examination centres 15 minutes before the starting time of the test/examination.
  3. Students should be punctual for their tests/examinations. No extra time will be given for latecomers.
  4. No early leave is allowed during tests/examinations.
  5. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises if there is still another test/examination session to be attended.
  6. Students have to put all their belongings including textbooks, worksheets and notes in their bags, which have to be zipped up or buckled up and placed under their chairs. All the necessary stationery should be placed on their desks.
  7. Talking is strictly prohibited during tests/examinations. If students have any problems or needs, including borrowing stationery from other candidates, they have to make a request to the invigilators.
  8. When invigilators announce “Time is up”, students have to stop working immediately.
  9. Tests/Examinations will be postponed on the announcement of closure of secondary schools by the EDB. Subject(s) affected will be re-scheduled on the following Saturday or the day following the last day of the test/examination. Pay attention to any new arrangement.
  10. Students should obey the examination rules and instructions given by the teachers. Any students found breaking the rules may receive mark penalties or even be disqualified from the examination and punished in accordance with the relevant school regulation. Students found cheating in tests/examinations will be disqualified from the examination and punished according to the school regulations.
  11. A student who is seriously ill and unable to sit for the examination should inform the school by phone and consult a doctor and seek medical advice. He/She has to obtain a doctor’s certificate justifying the absence from the examination and submit it to the class teachers when he/she resumes school. Failing to do so will result in zero mark on the concerned paper.
  12. Students absent from an examination may be given an estimated mark based on supplementary examinations, quizzes, continuous assessments and/or past exam performances.