Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers (HKFEW) 2023 Outstanding Teacher Election Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to Mr. Tung Chi Ho from the Moral, Civic, and National Education Department for receiving the esteemed Outstanding Teacher Award from the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers (HKFEW) in 2023.

Mr. Tung Chi Ho, with the philosophy of “differentiated instruction and personalized learning,” has systematically planned and implemented national education and national security education with the participation of the entire school. After a rigorous evaluation process, Mr. Tung has been awarded the Outstanding Teacher (National Education – Individual Category) by the HKFEW, becoming the sole recipient in this category.

On 29 October, Ms. Pang Wai Lan, the Education Services Coordinator of Sik Sik Yuen, Principal Ms. Lai Lok Ki, and Mr. Tung Chi Ho were invited to attend the “2023 Outstanding Teacher Election and Rising Stars in Education” awards ceremony. They joined the event to celebrate alongside other award-winning educators.