15th Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Election Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to Asta Ng Pui Ching from Class 3B for receiving the Distinguished Students’ Award.

The “Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Election” is organized by the Kowloon Region School Heads Association and the Hong Kong Youths Unified Association, co-organized with the HKSAR Education Bureau and the Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Association. The election aims to commend students who have achieved excellence in academics, extracurricular activities, talents, and community service.

Asta has shown exceptional academic performance and has actively taken on various roles within the school, including class monitor, student leader, peer counselor, and student council member. Additionally, Asta actively participates in different activities organized by the Auxiliary Medical Service. With outstanding achievements both inside and outside of school, Asta has been chosen as a finalist and has received the Distinguished Students’ Award in the 15th Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Election.

On 5 November, Asta and Mr. Kaspar Lam were invited to attend the 15th Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Election Awards Ceremony, where they joined other award-winning students to celebrate and share their achievements.