Student Counselling

The Student Counselling Committee was devoted to helping students adapt to different changes during puberty and undertake a whole-person development.

  • The committee worked in close collaboration with social workers from the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association to provide individual student counselling sessions.
  • Our school is the partner school in the HKU QTN project.  A series of class periods for F.2 to F.5 students were held which aimed at developing students’ positive attitudes and values. 
  • The school participates in the “Healthy School Programme with a Drug Testing Component” of the Narcotics Division of the Security Bureau, and cooperates with the the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association to help students cultivate positive thinking and resist drug temptation and promote healthy growth by various school-based activities, such as adventure activities, community services, talks, drama workshops, and drug testing measures. 
  • 25 F.3-F.5 students joined the “Peer Power Student Gatekeeper Training Program” which is held by the Education Bureau. Through school-based training, team building activities and services, peer leaders learn how to promote awareness of mental health.
  • Talks were launched for F.1-F.3 students to promote the awareness of healthy and safe internet use and how to enhance communication skills. For F.4-6 students, talks and workshops were launched about stress management so as to help students to understand their emotion and handle their stress. 
  • Basic Life Skills Training programme organized by the Student Health Service was launched for F.1 students to develop the basic life skills of students.
  • Adventure-based day camps were launched for F.3 students to enhance their communication and collaboration as well as develop cohesion and team spirit in class. A visit to the HKU was also held for them in order to boost the self confidence and self motivation of students as well as to widen their horizon.  
  • A F.6 Farewell Assembly was held in order to cultivate a sense of belonging in school.