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School Sponsoring Body

Sik Sik Yuen

Year of Commencement of Operation


School Type

Aided Co-educational EMI School

Class Structure

25 classes, with 4 classes each in F.1 – F.5, 5 classes in F.6.

Number of Students

839 students in 2015-2016 academic year.

School Building and Facilities

Our school currently comprises 26 classrooms, 2 remedial rooms, 5 laboratories, 2 Multimedia Learning Centres, a Computer Room, a Geography Room, an Art and Design Room, a Music Room, a Design and Technology Room, a Home Economics Room, a Library, a Student Activity Room, an Interviewing Room, a Staff Common Room, a PTA Resources Room, a Conditioning Centre and a School Hall. All the classrooms, the School Hall and the special rooms are air-conditioned.

Supervisor / Chairman of School Management Committee

Mr. Lee Tat Luen


Ms. Keung Yuen Kwan, Agnes

School Latest Downloads

Ho Lap College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) 2015-2016

Characteristics of School

School Management Organisation

School's Key Concerns:

  1. To enhance language competence and language learning  skills
  2. To pursue personal learning progress and excellence
  3. To  foster professionalism

School Management Organisation:
The school-based management mode is adopted. The Incorporated Management Committee consists of parents, alumni, teachers, the Principal and members of the public recommended by Sik Sik Yuen to monitor the school's administration and operation. All teachers attend regular meetings to set school plans, policy and major concerns. Staff review and evaluate implementation to make continuous improvement through professional dialogues and exchanges.

Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management  Committee:
Formed in 2005, the Incorporated Management Committee has fifteen members consisting of parents, alumni, teachers, the Principal, individuals and members of the public recommended by Sik Sik  Yuen.

School Green Policy:
In order to encourage students to practice Low Carbon Living, we have organized environmental education programs such as Smart Use of Air Conditioners and Electrical Appliances, Waste Separation and Recycling Scheme and Enjoyable Learning Environment: a clean and tidy classroom   scheme.

The Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme organized by Environmental Campaign Committee arouses students' interest in organizing environmental protection programs for their schoolmates. They enjoy applying their knowledge in organizing Waste Recycling Competition and Oxfam Hunger Banquet, etc.


Learning and Teaching Plan

Whole-school Language Policy:
All subjects, except Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Chinese History and Putonghua, are taught in English. Class-based presentations in English in morning assemblies, thematic projects in English, Speak Putonghua campaigns, reading programmes, debating contests, public speaking, mini drama and overseas English exchange programmes are organized to help students master the 'Two Languages, Three Dialects'. Newspaper reading activities and forums on current affairs are also held to enhance students' ability to analyze current  issues.

Learning and Teaching Strategies :
We are student-oriented and we regard development of student's learning skill our primary concern. Diversified learning activities and tailored made curricula are adopted to cater for the needs of students of different abilities and to enable them to derive pleasure from their academic achievements. While training    on study skills is given in junior forms, a large-scale cross-curricular project learning programme is implemented in F.1 and F.2 to reinforce related skills. 12 NSS Elective subjects are offered in F4 and students can choose any 2 or 3 elective subjects according to their interests and abilities. Various subjects are   set to cultivate in students' thinking skills and comprehension skills at different levels. To enhance interactivity in class, interactive and self -directed learning and teaching strategies including cooperative learning, collaborative learning, group discussion, reporting and debating are adopted. To boost learning and teaching effectiveness, non-class time learning activities, visits and field trips are also organized to extend learning and teaching beyond the classroom to reach out to real situations.

School-based Curriculum:

  1. Electives: 2X and 3X. Please refer to school website.
  2. Curriculum highlights: For F1 to F3, a school-based language and civic education curriculum is adopted to enhance learning interest and competence. It provides training of generic skills & different learning opportunities to our students in order to prepare themselves for public examination and life-long learning.

Development of Key Tasks :
To equip students for the challenge in the 21st century, the school curriculum reinforces the development of students' higher order thinking skills, explorative spirits and self-motivation. Online Chinese, English and Mathematics learning programmes are implemented to   promote
self-directed learning. To prepare students for the NSS, the school implements the F.1-F.2 Project Learning Programme to let students go through various research and project learning processes. Apart from academic pursuits, the school has also prioritized cultivating students' temperament and ethos. In this direction, class periods, workshops, talks, regular morning sharing and other activities are held to cultivate in students the core values of respect, gratitude, perseverance and serving others.

Life Planning:
The careers and life planning programmes aim at helping students to know themselves better (self-awareness), to learn more about opportunities for further education and careers development (opportunity awareness), to develop a sense of direction (goal setting), to get to know the right attitude towards work and study (developing proper attitude and work ethics), to acquire life skills which can be transferred to real life situations (transition learning), to make the right choice about their own continuing education and career paths (decision making) and to cater for learner diversity in terms of their different career guidance needs and their specific backgrounds.


Student Support

Whole School Approach to Catering for Student  Diversity:
Whole school approach is adopted to provide support to students in their personal growth at different stages. It is the whole person development that the school advocates with a view to developing students’ potentials in a full, all-round and balanced manner. Students are taught to actualize benevolence and the values as stipulated in school motto, to build up their habits of   mind and positive thinking together with collaboration and leadership skills.

Measures to provide adaptation for Learning and  Assessment:
The Peer Counseling Programme and Homework Tutorial Class are established to help F.1 students to adapt to the school. Small group teaching is operated in Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies and small group tutoring is provided in some other subjects to cater for diversity. Elite students are provided with in-house "Pull Out Programme" to stretch their potential. Besides, they are recommended and subsidized by the school to attend training programmes and competitions outside the  school.
There are two examinations (January and June) and two uniform tests (Oct & April) in an academic year. Together with Continuous Assessment (Dictation, quizzes, projects and book reports will take up no more than 20% of the examination Total ).

Fee Remission Scheme (For schools under Direct Subsidy Scheme only): Not Applicable


Home-School Co-operation and School Ethos:

Home-School Co-operation:
The Parent-Teacher Association holds a number of activities to enhance rapport and communication between parents and the  school .

School Ethos:
We aim to create a caring, harmonious learning environment in which students can acquire a spirit of kindness, benevolence and serving others. Our   students are educated to be well-rounders who have outstanding academic results, varied talents or achievements and can make meaningful contribution to the community.


Future Development

School Development Plan:
The school aims at providing comprehensive, holistic education for all students. Apart from academic subjects, team building, communication skills, attitude towards life and moral education are also of vital importance in the school curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to further develop themselves and to build  up communication network among parents as well as the  community.

Teacher Professional Training and Development :
Teachers are a team of dedicated professionals who develops among themselves a learning culture and a learning   organization.


Extra-curricular/Co-curricular Activities

We have more than fifty clubs and interest groups. Through inter-house activities and competitions our students develop organizational abilities and a sense  of belonging to the school. Co-curricular activities further enhance their knowledge outside the classroom and help them form good habits and character. To widen their horizons, boost their confidence and facilitate exchange of experiences, they actively participate in interschool contests, charity events and  cultural exchange tours.

School Facilities

School Facilities:
The school hall, all classrooms and special rooms are air-conditioned. On completion of the school improvement project in 1998, special facilities for the physically disabled, a student activity centre, a staff common room, a parents' resource centre and an interviewing room came into being. To further enhance the facilities, a well-equipped fitness room was built with donations from the Alumni Association in 2005 and partitions and air-conditioners were installed in   the covered playground with funding from Sik Sik Yuen in  2007.

Facility Support for Students with Special Educational Needs:
Accessible lift.




Our school provides various scholarships: from the sponsoring body, Sik Sik Yuen, Ho Lap College and the HLC Alumni  Association .